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Furrer was established in 1939 to operate in the stone industry from the quarrying up to the finished trasformed product and the trading all over the world.

Until nowadays Furrer has carried on the supply of rough, semi-finished and cut-to-size stones.

Furrer activity is being developped in the following sites:
    Head office, workshop, quarries, mills & yard
  • ROMA:
    Via della Campanella, Villanova di Guidonia
    Tel. 0774 324417 / 324708
    Fax 0774 324013
    Via Fontana delle Barre, Atena Lucana (SA)
    Tel. 0975 71120 - Fax 0975 71120
  • LECCE:
    Via Circonvalazione, San Cesareo (LE)
    Tel 0832 205747 - Fax 0832 205747
    Via Enzo Ferrari - Zona Industriale A
    Loc. Piane Chienti
    Civitanova Marche (MC)
    Tel. 0733 898240

Cut-to-size operation: highly enthusiastic, skilled men, brand-new machineries and equipments enable to meet whichever request coming from the construction industry either for the contemporary architecture or for classical styled buildings either Christian or Islamic concepted.

The latter can be realized thanks to a technical service Furrer gives to the trade which, from the Scanner to the Catia-system, to the more traditional Cad-Cam, develops a fully integrated process with the most modern existing equipments in the stone industry.

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