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Inside Stone Project - Engineering
For over 70 years, our marble and granite have been loved and used by architects, designers and interior decorators all over the world.

From the understated luxury of Marc Newson's and Giorgio Armani's showrooms to the rich décor of Vinters' Palace halls in London and the amazing colour plays on the Puerta America skyscraper hotel orthe splendours of the Kremlin.

Furrer can provide support and advice all through a project, from the design to the selection of materials to suit any kind of construction, the processing and lastly the installation of the materials, and the finishing touches on the project.
Project consulting
Furrer can offer a turnkey design service as well being able to provide complete and continuous consultancy starting from the design stage up to the realization of the project. Thanks to our experience [..]
Having our own marble quarries guaranees a perfect understanding of the extraction of different materials and working dinamics in the marble quarries and its processing, with relative times of production, [..]
Furrer's vast stockyards always provide a huge amount of materials, whether it is marble or granite, so clients can be sure they will always find materials to complete their projects. In addition, customers [..]
Furrer's world-known skills and craftsmanship in the production of marble products make it a world leader in terms of quality standards and the elegance of the final project. Each project is thoroughly [..]
Furrer is one of the few companies that can support the customer through to the completion of a project. Furrer is one of the best partners ever, as it takes care of design and site management of every [..]

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