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"F" Stone Magazine, The New Magazine with Broad Views
... the Carrarese who dwells beneath, amidst white marble, had a cave for his abode....
Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, Inferno Canto XX
A magazine is being launched, in the heart of the culture of stone and of caves, that wants to recount the facts and significant episodes of the use of stone in architecture, in design, in art. It is to be launched between Carrara and Massa, at the foot of the Apuane Alps, where, for over 25 centuries, sculptors, architects and artists in general have used the precious marble of Carrara. It is where the quarrying, transformation and processing of our country's oldest, natural stone - amongst the most famous worldwide - takes place, and it is flanked by the machinery and tools, both collateral aspects of the stone industry, for which the District of Carrara possesses the leadership in the market on an international level.
The magazine is called "F" Stone Magazine. The subheading is: "Il Nuovo Magazine di Ampie Vedute" ("The New Magazine with Broad Views").
Why "F"?
Because it is sponsored by the company Furrer, that for over seventy years, works as the leader of the stone industry boasts research into and processing and distribution of the rarest, most sought after and most precious of materials.
Why "Nuovo Magazine di Ampie Vedute"? (New Magazine with Broad Views)
Because the editorial office is made up of architects and experts in design, art and geology who confront contemporary and historical issues with an easy manner, with original actuality.
The system of production and distribution is similarly up-to-date. It consists of an electronic edition, with specialized editions for the iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Smartphone, tobe sent by email to a mailing list of over 113,348 addresses of whic 90,000 comprised of architects and designers worldwide, and of a printed edition to be distributed at trade fairs, events and exhibitions connected with the stone industry.
There will be three issues per year. The first will come out in occasion of the Marmomacc exhibition, to take place at Veronafiere from 2 September - 2 October 2010. The two editions, electronic and paper will be launched simultaneously.
The editorial content in each issue will consist of:

  • architecture, with presentations of projects, techniques, materials and interviews with the protagonists;
  • design, with presentations of products, interviews with designers, analyses of companies;
  • art and sculpture, with presentations of the works, artists' interviews, overviews of exhibitions and events;
  • geology and techniques, with analyses of materials and their characteristics, uses and applications;
  • lifestyle, presentation of brands and products that have left a mark with the use of stone
  • photolifestone, photographic stories of young artists who interpret the world of stone;
  • columns, of appointments and events.

"F" is edited by Thetis, a dynamic local communications agency, with vast experience in the stone industry and with a clear vocation for the most advanced techniques of multimedia communications, from web design to graphics and TV.

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