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Green Aver Furrer

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Green Aver Furrer


Green Aver Furrer is a splendid marble characterized by uniqueness, elegance and style thanks to its background colored in deep shade of green, it is a natural stone widely used in architecture and design for many kind of works and projects. The background of Furrer's Verde Aver is beautifully crossed by important white and grayish veining, making this marble recognizable, elegant, stylish, unique in its very own way.

The green green shades of Aver Furrer make this material the ideal choice for embellishments or decorative details, suitable for both interior and exterior designs, sculptures, artistic objects, jewelry, design and daily products as vases, trays and many more. Green Aver Furrer is perfect for staircases, floorings, facings, the qualities if this beautiful marble are not only aesthetic but the use of Green Aver is synonym with quality, unfailingly excellent results and durability.

Green Aver Furrer marble is the most decorative Italian green marble, suitable for classical and modern applications.
Physical mechanical characteristics
EN 13755-08 Water absorption at atmospheric pressure % 0,7 0
EN 1936-07 Apparent Density KG/m3 2680 0
EN 1926-07 Uniaxial compressive strength MPa 183,9 0
Technical data provides a frame of reference only. As stone is a product of nature, up to date testing to determine specific physical qualities should be repeated for each major project. We decline any responsability for the mis-use of this data, since said data is sourced from the quarry.

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