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N.2 - February '11

The Philosopher's Stone

Of all the interpretations that mankind has sheld over stone and all the dreamlike and psychoanalytic projections onto it, the greatest and weirdest was the philosopher's stone.
A catalyst which is the very emblem of alchemy, the Lapis philosophorum (or "philosopher's stone") was said to be capable of healing the corruption of matter.
It contained the mistery of the Quintessence, the universal medicine, omniscience... 
Mario Botta
Born on April 1, 1943, at Mendrisio, Ticino. After an apprenticeship in Lugano he attended art school in Milan and continued his studies at the Venice IUAV (University Institute of Architecture), where [..]
Campione d'Italia Casino
The sumptuous mass of the building is embedded in the small-scale urban fabricof the italian enclave of campione and reapperas mirrored in the waters of lake Lugano Arriving at Campione from Lake Lugano, [..]
Boutros Romhein at Canalie
Boutros Romhein was born in Syria in 1949. He arrived in Italy in 1983 and since 1990 has lived and worked in Carrara. In these few lines of biography we will have to follow the hawk's flight of this [..]
"The revenge of matter" by Francesco Morace
One of the paradoxes that opens the debate over the near future concerns the great vendetta of the material over the intangible. People who "make things" are generally not fully aware of what they are [..]
Return to the homeland
In 1929, Lorenzo Viani, an artist and writer in Viareggio, published Ritorno alla Patria (Return to the Homeland), an autobiographical novel. The following year it was ranked equal first with Anselmo [..]

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