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Statuary Marble

White Statuary Marble is the most precious and sought-after marble in the World and it has always been prefered by the artists and especially sculptors for their masterpieces.

Known worldwide, white statuary marble has been employed since ancient times in sculpture, being much appreciated for its shininess, gleam and compact structure, characteristics that make it particularly suitable for being carved with the cold chisel.  

Luxurious are above all the marble flooring made with statuary marble that have to be of low footfall but this precious natural stone is mainly used for statues, fireplaces and special design fittings. All the objects made using statuary marble guarantee the visual and aestetic luxury of all the spaces in a property; white statuary marble is the natural stone that best expresses the beauty of the Italian Apuan Alps.

A type of marble that belongs to the category of the statuary marbles is the one called veined statuary marble that is white with important grey veins, very much used in interior design projects. Veined statuary marble can be combined with a lot of other types of precious marbles as the black ones, pink, green marbles or red and every time the statuary marble is able to glorify the colors and to create beautiful lights and chromatic themes.  

Thanks to the beauty of the Apuan Alps and Furrer’s extensive tradition in statuary marble processing, many great projects come to life. It’s the attention to every detail that distinguishes Furrer’s works together with the professionality of Furrer’s skilled engineers and the quality of our natural stones makes us stand out in each and every project.

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