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Stone design

Marble has always been the material of choice for prestige buildings. Its force, beauty and sophistication bear witness to man’s ability to harness nature’s bounty and ingeniously transform it into lasting art.
Simple, with a velvety, textured feel as only statuary white marble can be. i Stones is not just an item, it is also a useful and practical ipad desk charger. it will amaze you with its "habitability [..]
Orbita - designer table
Harmonious shapes and technical research for an aesthetic experience that is a perfect march of design and white Carrara marble. Furrer designs a unique joint technique for a customisable table, with [..]
Moma - modulo marmo
A NEW TAKE ON A CLASSIC Furrer has evolved an innovative interpretation of this classic: Moma Modulo Marmo, quality furrer marbles structured in modules to enable an infinite range of combinations. [..]

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