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Thassos White Marble
White Thassos marble is a Greek, very precious natural stone characterized by a very fine grain and absolute white color, without any visible veining. Due to its incredible elegance and clean look, Thassos White marble is used to embellish and enhance interiors of both classical and contemporary style as floorings, staircases, facings, decorative objects and accessories.

White Thassos marble has also great technical qualities, in addition to aesthetics ones: durability, strength and humidity resistance, one of the reasons of its use in kitchen and bathroom design projects. Also, its pure and clean look without veining whatsoever makes it an ideal marble for sculpture artworks and jewelry. The finishings that most enhance the beauty and timeless elegance of White Thassos are polishing and brushing and the use its preferred for interior design and less for exteriors.

Data sheet

Ultimate tensile strenght [UTS] to pressure
Ultimate tensile strenght [UTS] after freezing cycles
Weight per unit volume