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White Carrara Marble is a special material of the highest quality that is extracted from the Campanili quarry located between Colonnata, Fantiscritti and Miseglia, both in Carrara, Italy. White Carrara Campanili Marble, one of the exclusive marbles of Furrer S.p.A. Carrara is a natural stone that is able to match the tradition to modernity, a versatile, elegant and sophisticated material suitable for both interior and exterior projects. White Carrara Marble is distinguished by its gleam and its precious brilliance, characteristics that make it an ideal decorative marble for the creation of interior projects as marble stairscase, marble flooring or facings for homes and public places.

White Carrara marble is valued worldwide as a true luxury material that sets no limits to the imagination, allowing designers everywhere to create projects of unique personality and extraordinary visual impact. Its use is enhanced by the combination in contemporary architecture of white Carrara marble with other stone materials such as Green Aver Marble or Verde Acceglio, with which designers can create imaginative works with large contrasts and light spots, customizing spaces, giving them solemnity and elegance. White Carrara marble is also used for exterior design projects, such as the façade projects or curtain wall panels and this wondreful material succeeds in a unique way to offer customized tailored suits to buildings, giving them a new life and a new face.

The choice of white Carrara expresses durabilty and solidity but at the same time it gives elegance and style to structures and volumes. Furrer S.p.A. Carrara owns white marble quarries in the Italian Apuan Alps and is able to guarantee high quality of white Carrara marble, a perfect knowledge of this noble material and a the quanity of material needed for carrying out the work for every client. Moreover, Furrer S.p.A. Carrara offers the possibility of quarry and warehouse inspections in order to perfectly evaluate the materials and choose the best white marble for each project for interior and exterior design.