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Marble is the material that stands out for its beauty, ideal for achieving a great variety of projects for both interior and exterior designs. Seen as a precious and sought after material since ancient times, marble is an excellent decorative material. Used by the biggest artists, sculptors and architects throughout the history for its unique and incomparable characteristics of strenght and durability, marble has a great aestetic value, brightness, extreme functionality and versatility.

The precius marble can be found in the Apuan Italian Alps in Carrara, the city known worldwide for its superb white marble that has had an extensive use in sculpture, design and industry. The word marble derives from the Greek marmaròn meaning bright stone; because of Greek’s influence on art, culture and tradition in Ancient Rome, marble was seen as a particularly precious natural stone. A metamorphic rock with sedimentary origins, marble is made up of calcite, crystallized calcium carbonate and its colour depends on the quantity of the impurities present in the sedimentary rock form which it is formed. Iron oxyide, for example, will give marble a reddish color whereas manganese will give it a brown tint.

White marble is born from metamprphic rock that has no impurities in it, very suitable for sculpture, especially that represent human faces. Its structure is uniform and unvarying, due to the high temperatures of the metamorphic process that transformes rock into marble.  

Furrer S.p.A. Carrara can guarantee high quality marble and a perfect knowledge of this noble material. Furrer has its own white marble quarries and this a very important detail that assures the highest quality marble, the necessary quantity of material to bring to completion large engineering projects, a wide range of marble selection always available and the resources to make visits to the marble warehouse, crucial for chosing perfectly the most suitable material for each and every project.