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Calacatta Gold marble is a precious variety of Italian marble used since the Renaissance for the creation of interior marble furnishings and luxury items. The undeniable beauty of this precious natural stone makes it one of the most used marbles for its visual effect ideal for precious works and marble projects. The particularity of Calacatta Gold marble is its white crystalline background passed through by elegant golden veins, characteristics that make this a fine marble material suitable for projects like marble staircases, fireplaces, marble facings but also ornamental objects that serve for interior decorations. Able to create warm atmospheres with its light colors with sinuous veins, Calacatta Gold marble manages in a unique way to wonderfully go along with different materials such as wood or metals.

A unique type of marble due to its personality, Calacatta Gold Marble allows the designer to free the imagination ensuring aesthetic luxury combined with durability and new technological innovations. Calacatta Gold marble is the material that expresses the essence of the beauty of the Italian Apuan Alps of Carrara, combining the idea of luxury with the elegance that characterizes many types of marbles. The vast warehouses of Furrer S.p.A. Carrara ensure high availability of stone materials and the highest quality of all the marbles. Furthermore , Furrer S.p.A. Carrara is one of the few companies operating in the natural stone industry that is able to follow the customer from the moment of the choice of marble material until the completion of the final work.