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White Carrara Campanili marble is a special material of the highest quality extracted from the Campanili quarry located between the Carrarese marble basin of Colonnata, Fantiscritti and Miseglia. White Carrara Campanili is one of the exclusive materials of Furrer Spa, a marble capable of coupling tradition to modernity, a versatile, elegant and refined material that can be used both in interior and exterior design projects.

White Carrara Campanili stands out for its brightness and its precious brilliance, characteristics that make it a very decorative marble ideal for the realization of projects for interior spaces such as marble stairs, marble floors or furnishings for luxury homes. White Carrara Campanili marble is universally valued and does not limit imagination, allowing to draw unique design of extraordinary visual impact.

The use of the White Carrara Campanili is enhanced in modern architecture also by the use of other stone materials to create unique imaginative designs with wide contrasts and light effects. White Marble Carrara Campanili manages in a unique way to offer custom-made finishings to structures. White Carrara Marble Campanili is a stone that expresses durability and solidity but at the same time from elegance and style.

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