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Whatwe do

We encapsulate, segment, rectify, resin, perform more than 10 different finishes according to the request, and photograph every block. All this is in-house and uses the best materials available on the market. This guarantees us the constant control of that level of quality that we want to provide to our customers, that is the maximum!

Whatwe offer

We offer a product portfolio divided into three lines: The FLine that includes only products coming from our quarries; The Redline that includes products coming from quarries external to the group that expresses a positive momentum of the market; The GeneralLine, which it collects inside all the products more known.


For the advantage of being able to find, within a single company, a wide variety of products enclosed in an elegant and bright showroom while maintaining a unique interlocutor. For ease of inspection, thanks to the automated camera system placed at the finishing line's outlet that immortalizes each plate. For the ease of consultation of our warehouse, thanks to our new App that allows you to be constantly informed, at all times and in every place, about our new arrivals, our special offers, and all our warehouse thanks to convenient notifications directly on your smartphone.