Ivory Onyx
The Ivory Onyx is a material extracted from quarries of ancient Persia, today Iran. Its beautiful and characteristic stripes and veining ranging from brown to beige to ivory create an original texture, very recognizable, as all onyxes in fact.

The structure of the Ivory Onyx is quite homogeneous, easily backlit and therefore perfect for the most refined environments and prestigious applications, both modern and contemporary, also suitable for more classic projects. This onyx is a particularly suitable stone for covering walls both in private ​​environments and in public places such as bars or restaurants, perfect and really beautiful to create front sale counters.

The onyx can be used in different types of projects such as stairs, tables, sinks, kitchen countertops, floors and walls, especially for interiors. The onyx also lends itself to some applications for outdoor environments, if not too exposed to overly aggressive environmental factors. Its best finishes are polishing which give it a nice light reflecting surface, but it can also be smoothed or brushed, very nice as well.