White Onyx
White Onyx is a precious natural stone extracted from quarries in ancient Persia - Iran today and represents, thanks to its white, delicate background and fine ivory shadings, one of the most precious onyxes on Earth, mainly thanks to its aesthetic qualities. Known and appreciated from ancient times, White Onyx is a rare, delicate and very precious material, mainly used for interior design applications.

White Onyx is made extremely precious also by its homogeneous background structure, particularity that makes this material perfect for important interior applications, with a modern and contemporary touch or classic ones. The most suitable uses for White Onyx are decorative elements as vases and trays, different types of facings amongst which wall facings - the almost transparent structure of the White Onyx makes retro-illumination possible, floorings and elegant staircases, tops for chic kitchens and bathrooms.