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Tour Odéon

Alexandre Giraldi

Materials utilized

Statuario Furrer

White Onyx

Onice Miele


Emperador Dark

Azul Macaubas

Nero Marquiña

Nero Saint Laurent

Situated in one of the most exclusive boroughs of Monte Carlo, Odeon Tower (Tour Odéon in French) with its 58 storeys and 170 meters of height, is the highest structure in Monaco and the one that perfectly represents the Monegasque lifestyle and limitless luxury.
To the construction of Odéon Tower Sky have participated very well-known names in architecture, design and construction industry as Alexandre Giraldi architecture studio - masters of Belle Epoque style, Vinci Costruzioni, Cabinet Alberto Pinto for the interior of the luxurious interiors and SATRI of Marzocco Group that Furrer worked with for the production and application of marbles in different areas of the penthouse as fitness zone with interior pool, hammam, Turkish bath, sauna, massage area and gym but most of all to the fulfilling of the imposing helicoidal shaped interior staircase. 

The Odeon Tower Sky Penthouse expands an 3,500 sq meters and 4 storeys - form the 45th to the 48th floor and is, with high probability, the most expensive penthouse in the World who's construction begun in 2014 and ended in 2016. For the fulfilling of the different areas of this luxurious penthouse, Furrer Carrara used exclusive marbles as Statuary marble for the fitness area, White Onyx and Honey Onyx for the extraordinary staircase whos cladding is curved, a true masteriece who's cadding was created from monolthic pieces molded by sunked bars and it's led backlit, a feature that offers scenic effects and originality.

For the remaining areas of the penthouse - hammam, Turkish bath, massage area and sauna - special marbles were used, to name a few: Portoro, Emperador Dark, Crystal White, Azul Macaubas and Zebrino Marble, Nero Zimbabwe, Ambarino Marble and Marquinia Black, all natural stones that offer elegance, distinction and character to every single area of this marvelous project.

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