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Fior di Pesco Carnico
Fior di Pesco Carnico is an Italian marble with light tones ranging from white to gray to light green with ivory, gray and rosť veins. Very much appreciated by architects and interior designers, this material is suitable for a variety of interior and exterior uses. In the past, Fior di Pesco was used for the realization of the beautiful royal palace next to the Santa Maria Novella Florentine station. The marble in question is still present in prestigious projects, from the United States to Japan, from India to China; For example, was a reason to boast in the sadly known Twin Towers of New York.

Like all carbonate materials, the Fior marble of Pesco Carnico has a lower resistance to granite, despite its compact crystalline structure making it a good manageable material during use. Due to its calcitic composition, this marble can be corroded by acidic substances. If spotted by dyeing substances, the buffered incident results in less problems than materials of the same composition but greater porosity; However, to clean it, it is sufficient to use neutral detergents.