Fantastic Onyx
Fantastic Onyx is a natural stone distinguished by an original deep red background, elegantly crossed by diagonal veining in shades that go from ivory to cream, hazelnut, light and dark brown to almost black. Fantastic Onyx is a stone characterized by a translucent transparency, a characteristic that makes it ideal for backlight laying, giving style and elegance to every interior space and highlighting the beauty of its natural veining and color shades. The transparency is more pronounced on the lighter colored areas while the darkest colors remain as they are, creating a splendid and original effect of lighting and shading.

Extracted from quarries in Mexico, Fantastic Onyx is also ideal for bookmatching, a choice that gives interiors o touch of elegance and style. The warm shades of this onyx and original veining transform every design an authentic works of art. Fantastic Onyx is perfect for staircases, beautiful flooring, backlit applications, interior facings, various decorations, jewelry and objects.