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Breccia Medicea
The Breccia Medicea marble, also known as Breccia di Seravezza, has a veined structure with nuances of purple to light green and yellow, red and gray intrusions. It is a historical material from Apuana, used in many buildings since Roman times. The Medicean Breccia was largely employed by Cosimo I de' Medici, Lord of Florence who had the monopoly of the quarries of Seravezza, and made this marble the symbol of his power by using it in the Medici Chapels, at Palazzo Pitti and in the choir of the Duomo of Florence.

The Breccia Medicea currently has limited production, being extracted into a single quarry and in small and medium-sized blocks; Blocks that need to be resinated before cutting, so as to prevent breaks in the plates, which are again resinated to repair defects and microfractures. This marble is usually used for staircases, docks, columns, shower trays, vertical finishes, interior and exterior floors and in general in small to medium sized projects and high prestige, especially for interior with glossy finish.