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Chuo, Tokyo

5th Floor of the Armani Ginza Tower

Sebastien Segers

Materials utilized


Travertino Bianco Navona

The Armani Spa in Tokyo, built in 2007 on the fifth floor of the Armani Ginza Tower, mirrors architects Segers' awareness of and respect for the minimalism in terms of design and materials typical of Japanese culture. The client wanted a relaxing space which combined the wellknown Japanese love of water with the cutting edge creative style of the maison. The idea was to recreate the almost magical atmosphere of a fashion designer's atelier, combining blatant luxury with the sober elegance which has long been Armani's hallmark. The wellness centre is a highlyexclusive, elegant urban concept on the fifth floor of the Armani flagship store in the prestigious Ginza district in Tokyo. The whole tower showcases Armani labels on each floor... Armani / Casa, ARMANI / Ristorante, Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani Men & Women's wear, etc.

It's the first designer-label beauty centre in Tokyo, commented Giorgio Armani. Segers successfully blended Japanese culture with Italian style, using materials outstanding for both their sophisticated elegance and their simplicity, and creating a synthesis encapsulating exotic atmospheres within the essence of the brand.

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