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Résidence Le Simona

Jean-Pierre Lott

Materials utilized

Nero Marquiña


Located in the vicinity of the Jardin Exotique, the gardens dedicated to Princess Antoinette in the very heart of Monaco, this building was designed by the architect Jean-Pierre Lott and stands 90 metres tall with 22 storeys. The construction was extremely challenging given its size (vertically), the morphology of the Monaco terrain (very steep), the surrounding population density (the Principality has one of the highest population densities per square decametre in the world) and the complexity of its architectural design – making Le Simona a showcase for Furrer’s reliability and expertise.
No one entering the city can fail to notice this soaring white building that stands out against the hill. Structurally it consists in two staggered towers – linked by glazed walkways – that are both slender and compact, creating the visual impression of a single block that blends perfectly with the contours of the terrain.
Le Simona is currently Monaco’s most innovative building. He appointed the architect Jean-Pierre Lott who identified with the idea and stylistically connoted it with a “structural grid” based on a dense weave of lines, cuts, curves and voids.
A major achievement in terms of technology, style and elegant detail, it truly is a Monaco benchmark for the future.

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