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Fulham, London, UK

Fulham Reach

Malyan Broadway Architects

Materials utilized



Spanish Grey


Grigio Carnico

Perlino Bianco

White Rhino

Perlato Olympo

Grey Wood

Nero Marquiña

Statuario Furrer

Volakas White


Fume Emperador

New Lunel

Grey Savannah

Beautifully set on the Thames' riverside, Furrer's newest project - Fulham Reach, enjoys unforgettable city views and custom-made luxurious designs. One of the most complex projects for which Furrer has offered its engineering experience and artisan ability in marble processing, Fulham Reach is divided in two different residential structures: Falukner House - Block F1 and Goldhurst House - Block G, each one with own architectural characteristics, bespoke finishes and detalis.

Faulkner House is an imposing complex counting appartments with two or three bedrooms and bathrooms, private balcony or terrace, elegant interiors and penthouses with an extraordinary view on River Thames, the City and on the gardens built around the residential complex dressing with green the structures, a badge for luxury and privacy in a city that's always on the move.   
In this splendid scenery, Furrer's marble dresses the elegant bathromms and modern kitchens and it's also used to build the floorings dedicated both to the private use and for the common areas as corridors. The interior decor and design details play a fundamental part: warm colors blend with dark ones creating contemporary contrasts, as the whole design is beautifully enriched by the natural shades of marble. The main material used by Furrer is White Rhino marble, a precius white stone crossed by thin ivory veining. 

Goldhurst House also rises on the riverside of Thames and consists of spaciuos design appartments featuring exclusive details, offering the best of London lifestyle at the water's edge: elegant promenades close to luxury bars and restaurants, cosmopolitan atmospheres close to London's smartest shops and splendid green gardens. The intelligent use of natural materials creates a continuum between interior and exterior spaces while the architectural choices open ample perspectives on the stretches of River Thames.

The design is contemporary and exclusive, having as the main purpose the creation of high quality elegant spaces, atmospheres that best meet the requiremens of a modern lifestyle. The combination of marble, wood and innovative design elements creates seductive spaces featuring a timelss contemporary classic style. The masterials supplied and used by Furrer for the facings of luxurious bathrooms and kitchens of Goldhurst House are natural stones as Grey Wood marble, Botticino marble, Azul Moleanos, Classic Royale marble, Spanish Grey, Coreno, White Floe - also known as Volakas and New Lunel marble.

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