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Teatro Carlo Felice

Aldo Rossi

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The architects here had to contend with the challenges set by the stringent conditions in the Genoa Town Council's tender. The theatre had to be rebuilt in exactly its original position, it had to incorporate the original 19th century parts which had survived and it had to have state of the art stage infrastructure. It also represented a challenge for construction company Mario Valle Spa, the leading construction company in the group which won the tender. Rebuilding the theatre proved a particularly complex task, but was completed on time and within the original budget.
The theatre comprises one larger rectangular, the stage tower, which is over 60 metres tall and a smaller rectangle with the auditorium, foyer and services for the public. Entrance is through the 19th century pronaos and a sweeping staircase to the lobby with the ticket offices and cloakroom. The 1,600 metre square auditorium gives an excellent view of the stage from all 2,000 seats. The stage was designed to resemble buildings overlooking a town square, which people would once have watched the plays and operas from. White and Bardiglio marbles help create the illusion of facades.

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