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Research, development, engineering and innovation are the ingredients for the receipe of success when it comes to marble façades and natural stones works. Always used for façade coverings, marble is the one material that can to combine aestetic appeal with the contemporary architectural design and modern functionality, accesibility and comfort.
In Furrer’s labs new ideas, technologies and processes are developed by the biggest experts in marble and natural stone industry processing, the ground basis of our work. Marble façade is a style solution of great elegance and at the same time a very reliable architectonic solution as all the materials used in marble façade works are constantly put through tests that are capable to ensure durability, endurance and strenght. All the marbles used by Furrer S.p.A. Carrara in the façade marble projects come from Furrer’s own Apuan Alps quarries and this is what guarantees marble quality, its selection based on every marble façade project requirements and the material’s availability.

Reliability and expertise, innovation and research are our strong points, qualities that made us over the years the biggest experts on marble facings and natural stone interior works. Luxurious decor and clever designs splendidly on-size customized to fit each and every marble facing project; natural stone that gives personality, character and elegance to spaces and interiors.
From marble facings used for the fireplace overlay in a private villa to amazingly important projects as Quantas First Lunge in Sidney Airport or Four Season Hotel in Florence, Furrer S.p.A. Carrara is the best business partner when it comes to planning and completing of the most luxurious and refined spaces. Thanks to the experience of our professionals and their profound knowledge of marble for facings and natural stones in general, Furrer is the one that can fulfill the most complex marble facings and interior design projects. All our natural stones and marbles can be chosen by quality and project requirement directly in our quarries and warehouses in the Italian Apuan Alps. For examples on our marble façade works, please visit our page marble projects.