Granite is a natural stone of volcanic origin that arises through a long metamorphic process of the magma that, unable to escape from the depths of the earth, slowly cools inside the earth's crust. The granite has a holocrystalline structure in grains, and it is precisely to its structure that it owes its name.

The grain of this natural stone varies according to the type of granite and can sometimes present mega-crystals. The use of granite dates back to the most ancient times, despite the difficulties of its processing, certainly due to its hardness. Its qualities, its beauty, the brightness of the granite and its qualities have not prevented the extraction and use of granite, a material appreciated by the greatest civilizations throughout history, like the ancient Egyptians who used it as a decorative material for interior and exterior claddings of pyramids and temples. Very resistant stone, granite is used in public and private buildings, in the construction of floors, monuments, statues, work surfaces, external works such as sidewalks creations or decorative material for the squares.

The wide use of granite is due to its resistance, its compactness but also to its beautiful colors that the impurities present in the magma in the metamorphic process give to the stone, as happens also for the marble. Granite is one of the materials that Furrer S.p.A. Carrara sells and uses in projects with the utmost professionalism and passion, ensuring the highest quality of the granite and a perfect knowledge of this beautiful natural stone. For examples of our realizations in marble and granite, visit the projects section of our site.