Marble staircase can offer a location great personality, elegance and style and it often is the central point of an interior design project. Luxurious and precious, the marble staircase has had its own evolution in time and is the element that can best express the designer’s vision and creativity. On the other hand, often times the design and architect remain in the project’s backgroung and it’s the material, in this case marble, the key player in the project and the element that makes everything stand out.

From traditional designs to the most modern ones, the marble staircase has an unmatchable appeal and is frequently an important element of architectural design whether the project is a hotel, a public building or a private villa. A white marble minimalistic staircase gives elegance, brightness and splendour to a location while a Green Aver marble staircase can offer modernity and charm to its setting. Whichever the project of the marble staircase – classical, modern or contemporary, this natural stone that marble is, has the power to amaze with its beauty and refinement creating athmosphere and scenic design.

Furrer S.p.A. Carrara in Italy has own marble quarries and can select the most valuable and precious marbles that, joined with the professionalism, know-how and the experience of our engineers, maximum attention to every small detail and marble manufatoring tradition, allows us to create everlasting masterpieces.