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Marble flooring have always been a sign of everlasting elegance and refinement, a design quality approach and choice of style. The beauty of marble, a very versatile material, is that it has the power to offer to all of a property spaces a special luxurious design and, for each and every project of marble flooring, several types of marble can be chosen from, according to the project’s characteristics and, of course, the owners style and taste.

The floor for which a material as marble is used can be whether monochromatic, case in which all the marble plates have to originate from a single marble block , detail that can guarantee the visual homogeneity of the marble flooring. But flooring can also be polychrome, real marble scenario, case in which in the same project more types of marble can be used, arranged according to several design principles, creating intense color themes. Marble flooring give classic design a new modern sparkle and can create therefore a great sense of harmony. Whichever the project, classic, modern or contemporay, marble flooring is an evergreen, a choice of style and elegance.

Marble flooring projects are special fittings that request specialized and skilled labour and specialists that Furrer S.p.A. Carrara is able to offer; assistance and support in every step of the marble flloring project, from the planning to the completion. Choosing Furrer S.p.A. Carrara, the biggest experts in marble flooring projects is the ultimate guarantee of achieving a true masterpiece, a work that exceeds all expectiations.