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Green Aver Marble is a preciuos deep green natural stone that is used in various projects for both interior and exterior designs. Its wondreful green undertones from which the name also derives, make it the ideal marble for decorations and creation of works as marble staircaises, marble flooring and facings.  

Green Aver Marble is one of Furrer’s exclusive materials that bring to life numerous marble projects, and with its light green coloured veins glorify and enhace the spaces and the decorations. Furrer Carrara has used throughout its long-lasting history the Green Aver marble in amazingly big and complex projects as The Cathedral of Christ the Savoius Moscow, Carlo Felice Theatre in Genoa or Villa Serena in France. Green Aver Marble has been combined with warm color natural stones for works as marble flooring or marble facings, always succeding to amaze for the elegance and originality, playing with color and lighting.
A very important project completed by Furrer is the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence; this wondeful place has now retured to its former splendour after seven years of intense restauration works. Here, in this Reinassance historical building, the combination of Green Aver Marble and White Marble offers elegance, sobriety and sumptuousness to the spaces and through this combination of natural stone of intense colors manages to procure a new life to this extaordinary place. The particular characteristics of Green Aver marble and its light veins creates a continuum between the interior and the exterior, enhacing both. 

Furrer S.p.A. Carrara is the proof of Green Aver marble and natural stone quality standards used in every single project and the guarantee of reliability and competence of our engineers and professionals, a Made in Italy exellence.